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Stove Enamelling


The Stove Enamelling Process

Stove enamelling is a wet-paint process that uses specialised stoving paints. The paint is applied by spraying before curing in an oven at a specific temperature and for a specific period of time. The result is a high quality, corrosion resistant, durable finish.

Stove Enamelling is typically used on metal components and is available in a wide range of colours, gloss levels and other types of finish.

Features and Benefits

Stove Enamelling is one of the best paint finishes available for metal parts. It combines a high quality finish with a tough, durable coating to provide an aesthetically pleasing, corrosion resistant and long lasting surface.

Stove Enamelling can also be suitable for high temperature environments through the use of special, heat resistant paints.

Unimet Expertise

Critical to quality and success of the Stove Enamelling process is the accuracy and consistency of the spray application. With wet paint spraying, there is no substitute for experience which is why Unimet can provide the quality and consistency that you need. Our staff are highly experienced. Indeed some of our longest serving employees have literally decades of experience.

Equally important is the control of the stoving process itself. The spraying areas are kept scrupulously clean to prevent contamination that might spoil the finish and our temperature controlled ovens incorporate an automated conveyor system that exposes painted components to heat for the correct amount of time, ensuring a consistent, high quality finish.

In addition, we are happy to advise and help you to choose the right paint for your specific application, to meet your particular requirements.

Preparatory Treatments

We can provide shot blasting to remove dirt, corrosion and old paint finishes and vapour based de-greasing to ensure that parts are clean and ready for painting.

For aluminium parts, we offer Alocroming which chemically alters the surface of the material, suitable for the application of paint.

Types of Finish Available

Stove Enamelling is available in smooth and special finishes in a variety of gloss levels and colours. Special finishes include:

  • Spatter texture
  • Smooth eggshell
  • Ripple
  • Metallic - silver, copper, gold and metallic colours based on these
  • Hammer finish
  • Wrinkle finish

There is a huge range of colours available. See our RAL Colour Chart and BS 4800 Colour Chart to see just some of those available.

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