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Expert Advice

First and foremost, we are here to help you with your painting requirements and as such, we will be only too pleased to provide you with the benefit of our extensive experience. Whether you need help choosing the appropriate method of coating or choosing a colour or type of finish, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Stove Enamelling and Powder Coating

Unimet Enamellers specialise in Stove Enamelling and Powder Coating. We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality finishes through attention to detail by our expert staff. A wide variety of colours and finishes are available.

For further information, see the Stove Enamelling and Powder Coating pages.

Preparatory Treatments

Producing a fine finish requires appropriate surface preparation. We able to provide the following:

  • Shot blasting for the removal of dirt, corrosion or old paint finishes.
  • De-greasing.
  • Alocroming to prepare aluminium parts for Stove Enamelling. Alocroming produces the golden colouring shown in the centre-right picture above.


Anodising is a process, usually applied to aluminium parts, that increases the corrosion properties of the material. The process creates an aluminium oxide layer at the surface of the material which is an integral part of the metal and forms a hard wearing, corrosion resistant surface.

Often the surface coating is coloured with a dye producing a distinctive finish in a very wide range of colours.


Screen Printing and Engraving

Screen printing is a precise and flexible method of applying annotation and graphics to a wide variety of parts and surfaces. Frequently used on control panels and sheet metal cabinets, screen printing is available in single or multiple colours.

A requirement of the screen printing process is that the  target surface is flat and the finish is smooth.

As an alternative to screen printing, we are also able to offer an engraving service.

Precision Sheet Metalwork

If you are sub-contracting your sheet metal fabrication and painting work, you may well be familiar with the problems associated with shipping parts to and from multiple suppliers.

Unimet Enamellers can eliminate these difficulties as we are able to meet both your precision sheet metal fabrication requirements, using the latest CNC machinery, and complete the job with a high quality coating to your specification, complete with screen printing or engraving to finish the job. Contact Us for further information.

Delivery and Collection Service

To complete the range of services we offer, we are able to provide a collection and delivery service for your work. Typically, this service is available in the local area but longer range deliveries are available by arrangement. Please Contact Us for details.

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